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About Us

NORD Civil Law Partnership was registered in January 1991. At the begining of activity produced chocolate candies in addition to coffee and tea.

In 1998, “NORD” company took control over “Gryf” Szczecin Sweets Manufacture which exist since1960.

Currently company employs 100 workers.

We have obtained quality certificates such as: IFS, GOST. Implementation of a distribution and product strategy plans provide the NORD Ltd. to earn income. Investments in production plants allow to dynamically broaden product portfolio and to implement innovations.

At present NORD Ltd. specializes in delivering to the market dissolvable gum and candies, sparkling caramels and chocolate candies. Our Company carries on intensive sale in Poland as well as outside the country.


in Poland is carried on by our sales representatives. Year by year the company’s share in both Polish and European distribution channel rises. Our products are exported also outside European Union.

Main distributions channels:

  • POLAND: 70%
    • Discount Shops 70%
      Polomarket - Poland, Poland Dino, EKO Holding SA, Net-Poland, Tesco - Poland, Kaufland - Poland, Carrefour - Poland, Auchan - Poland, Euro - Cash Poland,.
    • Traditional market: 30%
  • EXPORT : 30%

Export directions:

  • Austria
  • Czech Republic
  • Netherlands
  • Russia
  • Hungary
  • Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia
  • Greece
  • Romania

Private label

Nord company also specialzed in “Private Labels”. Our staff develops and implements products under individual customer and market requirements.

We can prepare individual flavour and forms of packing under individual requirements.We produce our confectionary under “Private Labels” for many customers in Poland as well as outside the country Thank you and we invite you to cooperation.



We are cooperating with biggest and most well known brands in Poland.

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Top products

Below you'll find few of our most successful products.